Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Some Miracles of Hazrat Zahra SA

Saturday, 15 March 2014، 01:41 PM

Ya fatima zahra SA

Messenger (Muhammad PBUH & HP) was extremely hungry and debility, he was removed from the leg. He tore the bread of any of his wives went to the room, but did not feed them. Finally, the home of his daughter, Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) took over the house, hoping to reach the objective but Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) and his children were hungry and there also was not a piece of bread and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him PBUH & HP) had left her home. A short time later, the little table by one of the neighbors came to the lady. Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam) himself said:
"I swear to God, self and stay hungry children but the piece of bread and meat Khvranm my father"
So one Hassanein (PBUH) to follow his father sent him back to his house he invited 
Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) was donated by the neighboring two slices of bread and a little meat, and was placed in a closed container. He returned back to his father's house, then went to the table and put it in front of Prophet (PBUH & HP) had but a dish full of meat and bread and Hazrat Fatima (pbuh), also from The M stare staring at the sky and wonder to watch it. Prophet (PBUH & HP) addressed to the daughter said
"Dear girl! How and where was the food? "
Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) replied:
"It is the blessing and grace of God. God wants everyone, including without limitation to grant. "(1)
Prophet (PBUH & HP) because he heard her speak, said:
"Thank God you put as she shows women of Israel, because he was also a case of divine grace, and God sent him Mande, in answer said:" This of God is the food. He wants someone, someday will be incalculable. "
Then the Prophet (PBUH & HP), Imam Ali (PBUH), also called the presence and they all ate and were filled, and the women of the household of Prophet (PBUH & HP) also were invited to eat but food and Mande sky remained the same even Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) for the neighbors of the heavenly food that comes from the grace of God secrecy, had a ... (2 
Food and money

Imam Ali (PBUH) did not go home empty handed and go. Toward the mosque and prayed, and the hand of the Prophet of Allah (SAW PBUH & HP) night patrol officers in the house of Imam Ali (pbuh) spent his hand, so after Maghrib and Isha them and said:
"Ali's life! Tonight his guests taking me? "
Virtuous Lord was silent because there was no reception area and Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) and Hassanein PBUH) remained hungry and the money supply did not provide bread and meat, but the Messenger of Allah (SAW PBUH & HP) re-stated "Why do not answer?" Ali (PBUH) said:
"Ya Rasool Allah! Here you are "
Prophet (PBUH & HP), took his hand. She hands the house of Fatima (PBUH) came and entered the house together with Hazrat Zahra (pbuh) met Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) will read the Prayer and God. She heard her father's voice came to him and welcome open dialogue table and bring food on the table of the press 
Imam Ali (PBUH), Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) Language lifeless stare stare and the question:
"Ya Fatima! Where is the food "
Before Fatima (PBUH) replied, says the Prophet (PBUH & HP) hands on the shoulders of Imam Ali (PBUH) made and answered 
"Ali! I sketched Dynark Ndallh judgment, the food reward dinar to Miqdad did that. "
God, you're going to Zechariah (pbuh) and Mary (PBUH) Repeat (3) and the food was heavenly grace .... (4)

2 - confessed to his father's mission in the mother's abdomen
When the infidels of the Messenger (Muhammad PBUH & HP) wanted to split the moon was when Hazrat Khadija (as) Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) and Hazrat Khadija was pregnant (Lyhaalslam) this question has bothered infidels said:
"String sorry for those who deny Muhammad! While the Lord sent him to me. "
After Fatima (PBUH) called his belly:
"O Mother! Do not be afraid and do not be sad, because God is my Father "
Once when Hazrat Khadija during transport (PBUH) was completed and timely childbirth, Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) and he gave birth to her beauty, light, bright and shine, making the whole world. (5

3 - Asia manually turning itself into the house of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH 
Mr Abu Dharr said:
Prophet (PBUH & HP) I followed Ali (PBUH) sent. I went to her house and she sang but did not respond to me mill is hand saw without anyone itself is. I called him again. Came out with the Prophet (PBUH & HP) went to the Prophet saw Ali (pbuh) and told him what I did.
I Ironically, the quern is no driver!
Then the Prophet (PBUH & HP) said: "Lord, my heart, full of faith and certainty Fatima members and Jvarhsh and because God knew his weakness, so the hard times he has helped Kfaytsh. But know that God put angels to assist the family of Muhammad? "(6

4 - sinful fire Fatima (PBUH 
Once the Fatima Aisha (Lyhaalslam) came while the Prophet for Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein (PBUH) with flour, milk and oil in food Dygy would make gruel. Pot and boil on the stove and fire rose and Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) did it with both hands 
Aicha with anxiety and worry out of him, his father went to Abu Bakr and said:
Father! I saw amazing things and that Fatima's hand into Dygy on fire boil, take it to the beat.
Dkhtrkm! Hide this important work 
Heard the news that the Messenger (PBUH & HP sa) reached. The top spots went and won praise God instead. Then he said:
"Surely people are surprised to see pot as the fire grew. I swear by the One who appointed me a Prophet and chose the mission said, Behold the fire of God exalted Vjl flesh, blood, hair, transplantation vessel Fatima has forbidden, children and Shiites him away from the is revealed to him.
Woe, woe, woe to those who are in doubt and hesitate to give Fatima virtue and excellence! And the curse of Allah upon the person of her husband, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (PBUH) and the Imams descendants of the enemy, he is not satisfied. Verily Fatima, in its place, and the best place would have Shyyansh. Verily Fatima, pray and intercede before my will and desire Shfatsh despite those who oppose him will be accepted. (7

5 - Speaking in the womb
Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) in his mother's womb Hazrat Khadija (pbuh) because he was speaking about calming and soothing, Hazrat Khadija (PBUH) replied Prophet (PBUH & HP), who asked to speak with the you say? Said:
"I have a child in the womb, with my speaking and my soul 
Gabriel, who, his daughter says. "(8

6 - Blessing of Food
Imam Ali (pbuh) says:
"One day I went to the market. A tangled flesh and a messy corn bought and brought. Fatima (PBUH) was busy baking it. When it was ready, he said: I wish! My father invited me to go. "
I went and saw the Prophet (SAW PBUH & HP) lying down and says, "Going to sleep hungry, to seek God's help."
I said: Messenger of Allah! Food is with us
After he got his hands on me, and since we got home, Fatemeh (PBUH) said, "Bring the food." F. Dygy put the food in serving Prophet (PBUH & HP) won. He took the cloth on the food and said, "O Allah! Ten bless our food. "Then he said:" Give a cup to Aisha. Fatima sent him a cup. "Then he said:" Umm Salamah to give a pint. "He sent for the husband of a portion sent to each of the nine

7 - shining light from the bed of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH
It is narrated that Imam Ali (PBUH), the Jewish people, some oats and borrows against the bed of Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) who was wool, made the pledge. It was a Jew, and at his home. At night, a Jewish woman to do it in a room where the bed was gone. Suddenly he saw a light shining in the room was clear. On her back and told her:
In the room, I saw a great light 
Her husband was also surprised that bed and forget about Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) where he has gone. It quickly got up and entered the room. Saw the rays of light linen, spread like a light fish, which is close to dawn. It was a wonder. Where the bed was placed, carefully and realized that the light is the same bed. He recalled a Jewish family and relatives as well as relatives and their spouses and their families have made. Many of the Jews therefore gathered them all when I saw it, were Muslims. (9

8 - Participation in Mbahlh
Some of the Christians of Najran to the Prophet (PBUH & HP) came and called the elders of the three of them Pyshapsh Aqb, M. and Bishop were the two of them together were known to the Jews Messenger (Muhammad PBUH & HP) to questions 
The bishop asked the A.! Who was the father of Moses 
Prophet (PBUH & HP) said Imran 
The question: Who was the father of Joseph 
Prophet (pbuh & HP) said Jacob 
Asked my parents Fdayt, who is your father
He said: 'Abdullah son of Abdul 
Bishop asked: Who was the father of Jesus 
The Prophet remained silent; Gabriel came down and said his word and his Spirit
Bishop said, is the soul without a father?
Messenger (Muhammad PBUH & HP) was silent. When was this revelation:
"Verily, such as the creation of God, Jesus as God's creation of Adam Abvalbshr that he built from the ground. The soil that said: Be perfect human. Was so. "(10)
When the Messenger (Muhammad PBUH & HP) This verse reads, Bishop jumped up from his place, since it was not acceptable for her to hear Jesus (PBUH) in the soil, then said:
O Muhammad! We've seen this not in the Torah and the Gospel and the Psalms, we have not. This is just like you 
After the revelation of the Lord said, "Talva lock Nd Abnayna ..."
Bishop and his entourage said:
A Abaalqasm! Did fairness. So Mbahlh determines the facade.
Prophet (PBUH & HP) said:
"God willing, tomorrow morning."
Prophet (PBUH & HP) in the morning, after the prayers, Imam Ali (PBUH) was the worlds Lady of Fatima (Lyhaalslam) behind the Imam Hassan (PBUH) on the right and the Imam Hussain (PBUH) in his left, and said to them:
"When I pray, I tell you, Amen"
Prophet (PBUH & HP) to its knees to pray the holy land 
The tribe of Christians who observe this holy Pnh of regret and consulted among themselves and said:
Until we do (Mbahlh) are exempt. (11

9 - the cradle by angels (12 
Narrative: When his prayer, the baby was crying and saw the cradle moves the Angels did it

10 - M. sky
Zamakhshari in his commentary, the following verse: "Klma income PBUH Zakaria" (13) The Prophet (PBUH & HP) quotes:
"In the days of famine, hunger Medina had won Taqtm Z Tbqy of food sent to me. Z food and income to the house. I called him. The fabric came from aside. I was full of meat and bread. I was surprised and I knew that this M is heavenly. Zahra said: Where is this from? Replied: "On behalf of SWT. He gives sustenance to whom He wills without account "
Tears of joy to the eyes of the Messenger (Muhammad PBUH & HP) ran, then said:
"Praise be to God that you like her"
Then Hazrat Ali, Imam Hassan and Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his wife called all ate and were filled, and all the while there was still food
Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam) also sent to all neighbors. Day, hungry, "Medina", thanks to the generosity of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) were filled. (14

11 - God's gift to Fatima (Lyhaalslam
Ibn Abbas says:
The day before the Messenger (Muhammad PBUH & HP) was sitting, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hussain (PBUH) also were facing him 
At this time, Gabriel descended, and thereby to bring an apple for the Holy Prophet (SAW PBUH & HP) Thyt said, it's apples to Hazrat Ali Ibn Abi Talib (PBUH) gave. Ali (PBUH) kissed it, thanking the Prophet (PBUH & HP) and return it to him. It Hazrat Hassan (PBUH) led. Hassan (PBUH) also expressed thanks kissed it again to the Prophet (SAW PBUH & HP) return. Once again the Prophet (PBUH & HP) it to Ali ibn Abi Talib (PBUH) did. Thyt He said that his desire to return. The apple fell from between his fingers and split the light from shining when I went up to heaven. I saw this when it was re-written:
It is a gift from God to Muhammad Mustafa, Ali Reza, Fatemeh Zahra, Hassan and Hussein, the Prophet's descendants and is safe for lovers of the fire in the day of judgment. "(15

12 - Hail houri of Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam 
Salman Farsi says to the house of Fatima (Lyhaalslam) went. Said:
"After the death of the Prophet (PBUH & HP) had wronged me. Then I said, "Sit down." So I sat down.home with no one of us can open it open and three men entered the house and told the houri We siren "Jerusalem," he said. Lord of the Worlds, we sent to you and we're looking forward to you, O daughter of Muhammad (SAW PBUH & HP 
I think that one of them was older than all of them, I said: What is your name 
I said, "Mqdvrh" and I "Miqdad ibn Aswad" have been created 
The latter said: What is your name 
I said, "particle" and I "Aboozar" have been created 
Asked third name 
He said: "Sofi" and I "Salman" I've created "
Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam) continued
"They brought out in accordance with the Khrmahayy like bread and sugar snow whiter color and smell of musk, was more fragrant. I kept my part (because you are an inmate of us) with breakfast and bring me tomorrow its core 
Salman says:
I went on dates. I passed in front of the congregation who, they said: 'You've got problems? After the break, I could not find among them nuclear. The next day, the F (Lyhaalslam) went and told the Prophet's daughter! Among them could not find any core. He said: "O Salman! That dates from the palm of God's word in heaven, because the Prophet (PBUH & HP) plant has taught me Dadhf for me." (16)

13 - The Curse of Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam) the enemies of Imam Hussein (PBUH
Narrative says:
The man who had cut his legs and hands and was blind in both eyes, with the deplorable state shrieked paste my Njny Fire, God, fire me, save me. (17
Someone said to him:
You left out the punishment, yet you say Oh! Save me from the fire 
I said I was in Karbala. When Hussain (pbuh) was killed in an expensive suit and wearing his brace saw. Given that all his clothes had been stolen, was left with just pants. Secularist, I was into it until the price Dravrm pants. The body of Hussain (pbuh) was close to that paragraph I'm out, I raised his right hand and on the strap. Could not get out clause. I saw his left hand raised and the establishment clause. Whatever I could get her hands on the strap. Also cut his left hand. I decided to back out clause 
I heard his voice frightening earthquake. I was afraid and went out at the same place (at night), along with the bodies of the martyrs torn bed
Suddenly the world seems dreamed that Prophet Muhammad (SAW PBUH & HP) and Ali ibn Abi Talib (AS) and Fatima Zahra's (Lyhaalslam) came and head of Imam Hussain (PBUH) have taken over. Fatemeh Zahra (Lyhaalslam) kissed it, then said, "My son! You killed. Allah did take them with you, take "
I heard Imam Hussein (PBUH) replied: "The person who killed my Shamar lay here, would cut off my hands"
F (Lyhaalslam) turned to me and said:
"The Lord will cut off the hands and feet and will blind your eyes and you will enter the Fire"
I wake up. I found out that blinded their hands and feet cut off. Tuesday Prayer Fatima (Lyhaalslam) and yet to come Astjabt quarter (ie, log fire) remaining. That is to say: God! Save me from the fire. (18)

14 - Dignity of Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam) about my safe
When Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra (Lyhaalslam) passed away, my safe sworn in "Medina" not because it was unbearable vacancy of Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam) to see, so the "Mecca" went the way of thirst was severe. Raised his hands toward heaven and said:
Lord! My servants F. (Lyhaalslam) Am. You drive me up a thirst 
Then God sent down from heaven bucket. Umm Ayman drank and did not need food or water for seven years. On very hot days, people threw him into trouble but was not hungry at all. (19

15 - the result of an appeal to Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam 
About forty years ago, "Kerman" of scholars, pious and committed to Ayatollah Mirza Reza Kermani (d. Year 1328. Proj.) Lived. At that time, the market Zalh Shaykhi cult was widespread 
Ayatollah al-Kirmani, preacher and scholar of the time, Sayyid Yahya Yazdi Kerman had been invited to preach his guidance, the people of deviation and misguidance Shaykhi cult spread awareness and thus make them
The late Sayyid Yahya Yazdi preacher, invited the attention of their deflection Nmvdv with their disclosure, these misguided expose the building, so they decided to kill him secretly scheme. It was a secret plot:
Unidentified person as they invited him home for a certain time in a certain neighborhoods and certain spots to go away 
He agreed 
S. John the Baptist preacher, had in his grandmother's Fatima Zahra (Lyhaalslam) was invoked. Prayer seems to implore His calls to prayer and bowing, said:
"Mvlaty or Fatima or Aghysyny O my lord, O Fatima! Give me shelter and Fryadm brush "
Dangerous moment was approaching 
Mirza Reza Kermani, Ayatollah next to the town and brought him home
Ayatollah Seyyed Yahya preacher of Kermani asked:
How do you know that I am in serious danger of Shaykhi've been secretly plotted and saved me from imminent danger
Ayatollah al-Kirmani said 
I dream of Hazrat S. T., Z. Athar (Lyhaalslam) saw. I said, "Sheikh Mohammad! Instantly give yourself to him, Sayyid Yahya deliver and save him if late, you will be killed. "(20

16 - I swear to Imam Reza (PBUH) to die, Hazrat Fatima (Lyhaalslam 
Two brothers, one good and the other abuses at the hands of the people and the language badly brothers, they were upset and complained to his brother's righteous brother pilgrimage to Imam Reza (PBUH) with his congregation 
The brotherhood was that bad. Along with the pilgrims Hazrat Reza (PBUH) to go to "Mashhad" did, but according to his habit of pilgrims of Imam Reza (PBUH) was hurt in the middle of the house, fell ill and died went. All of her feet were happy, but fine for fervor, fraternity brothers, washed and shrouded him and he came along at the shrine of the eighth Imam Kaaba and buried 
The night. In a dream, a brother in the garden is sumptuous costumes Milkweed with joy and a blessing to see it. Asked 
What has happened to this once and reached the authorities? Good deeds you have not 
Said Brother! When the bills got soul, my life was hard. When washed, shrouded in some water for my fire fire fire and property even my compound with my fiery torment was perpendicular to the floor of the holy Imam Reza (PBUH) that we got. Property was taken away from them and torment me. As I entered the shrine, they saw Imam Reza (PBUH) sitting on a tall due to its pilgrims. I ask the intercession of His Holiness said.
Sorry Tlbydm. I Nfrmvdnd bestows. It took me over his head, the old man saw the light. I said: Go and seek the intercession of Jesus now; Otherwise, if you take out the shrine, the agony. I asked an old man! I Imam Reza (PBUH) Tlbydm help but ignored him. Said he to his right Z. (Lyhaalslam) could never swear at his home was not rejected. The order of Imam Reza (PBUH) to his right Z. (Lyhaalslam) I swear, those two angels of punishment came and went, and the angel of mercy and grace, brought me to this place.(21

17 - Save The Children
Individual says:
The Kaaba, Mecca saw a man who was worse, had cried out in supplication implore 
I asked him: Why so sad 
Said: I'm Bnayany Mansour Baghdad drove me to the mansion. Flow occurred to me that I'm alive, for anyone to say. M. Night challenged me and said sixty descendants of Ali (PBUH) should be up in the morning and leave in the middle of the wall, I put fifty in the columns. The last I saw of them, a boy like the moon. During the time I asked him. He said: Do not cry for their dead. I cry for the mother of my child no older than I am. It was a month that I was home confinement. If you wanted to go to sleep, do not throw up on my neck, do not go to sleep 
Until yesterday, my mother went out of the house. I came out of the house. Khalifa officers were me and brought here. I cry for this is that, contrary to my practice and I said I made him uncomfortable. And now I am not aware of the situation and does not know what has come over me? I ask her to wait for my God. The servant heard these words from the language, I had Shame on you! Due to grasp the world, the punishment of the hereafter for your purchase. R. God decided to do a good deed instead. I came with my son and I shared my story with him and told him: O my son! Instead he put you through the wall. Abuse and night so that you reach out, you'll no doubt. He said: O my father! Do what you want. I'll wait in this direction. I had fallen into a state of unconsciousness in order 
Callin Knyzm suddenly saw that the house you want. The girl said: Go See pounding in Who
Knyzm went and came back and said drum in said I Fatima, daughter of Prophet (PBUH & HP) said. Your fate Tell her to come and take our children to reject 
I came home and my son without any damage and inconvenience of young Alawite I got to assign 
Lastly, I repent and escape the city and M. I know when I'm down, I paid all Amvalm Tqbt seized. (22)

To be continued ...


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