Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

About Imam Hussain AS

Saturday, 22 February 2014، 02:53 AM

imam hussain


( About Imam Hussain (AS 

A summary of the life of Imam Hussein Nativity On the third day of the fourth month of Sha'ban in the second migration , son of Hazrat Ali Vfatmh Memorial , the Peace of God be upon him , Wind, home inspired and born in the province . News Vladtsh because the Prophet ( PBUH ) came to the house of Imam Ali (AS ) and Fatima came and said Asma bring up children . Asma him wrapped in white cloth and serve the Prophet (SAW ) would Honorable in his right ear and the left ear of his prayer lawsuit said



The seventh day of the birth of the first days Sadtsh , MA divine revelation , Jibreel came down and said hi Allah be upon you , Messenger of Allah, this little baby boy named Aaron ( Shabbir ) Arabic ( H ) is called the Names Put . because Aaron to Moses bin Imran Ali you like , except that thou art the Seal of the Prophets . , and thus the name of the Lord Przmt Hussain , the second son of Fatima (SA ) was selected 

Vladtsh to seven days , Fatima Zahra greetings upon him , Sheep to his son as Qyqh culture , and his head shaved and his hair weight of silver alms .     Hussain ( as) and the Prophet (PBUH ) The birth of Hussain ibn Ali (AS ) was the fourth year of Hijra to the demise of the Prophet (SAW ) that occurred six years and a few months later , their love and favor of the people of the Prophet of Islam (SAW ) about Hussain ( AS) expressed would , to a noble and learned Shamkh officials third leader . Salman Farsi says : I saw the Messenger of Allah (saw ​​) Hussain (AS ) lay on his knee and kissed him and said : 'You son of a noble and honorable and Bzrgvarany Father , thou son of Imam and the Imam of Imams and father , you are the proof God and his ninth and last Imam , his successor ( Imam Mahdi) is .   Anas ibn Malik narrates : When the Prophet was asked which one you love more than your household , said: Hassan and Hussein , the Prophet repeatedly Hassan (AS ) and Hussain ( AS) chest pressed them the smell and they kissed

Abu Hurairah Al mercenaries and enemies of the Imam 's family , however, admits that the Prophet saw that Hassan and Hussein , was placed on their shoulders and Mommy came to him when he came to the two anyone my love love me , and anyone who loves their enemy is my enemy . finest , friendliest , and most telling , and kingdom spiritual relationship between the Prophet and H can be included in the Prophet (SAW ) that he said: Hussain and I am of Hussain .        Hussain ( AS), the father Six years of his life were spent with great prophet , and then the Prophet ( pbuh ) died and came to the meeting with their Lord , thirty years of his life . Except that he did not father a fair judgment , and nothing but the purity and reverence Ngzranyd , and saw God but Allah and Allah did not want . Paternal rule that the moment she did not calm down , as the time taken to Zarsh Khlaftsh Brnkhastnd


All the while , the heart and soul of the father obeyed his orders , and in a few years that Imam Ali (AS ) So, the caliphate appeared, Imam Hussain (AS ) in Islamic goals, such as a dedicated soldier , like his noble brother tried , and the wars of Jamal , Siffin Nehru had attended . Thus, the father AmiralMomenin supported religion and God , and sometimes even in the presence of the protest was Impostors Caliphate . In the reign of Umar , Imam Hussain (AS ) entered the mosque , the pulpit, the second Caliph of the Prophet ( PBUH ) observed that spoke . Promptly went up the pulpit and shouted out .... Go thou down Mnbrpdrm  

Imam Hussain (AS ) by brother After the martyrdom of Imam Ali ( AS) said to the Prophet ( pbuh ) and advised AmiralMomenin and Shia leader Imam Hasan ibn Ali (AS ) , son of Grand Commander of the Faithful (AS ) was taken and all the necessary commands that were Pyshvayshan Imam Hassan (AS ) Fradarnd ears . Imam Hussain (AS ) who Prvrd Alavi province was revealed to Muhammad , along with his brother theoretical and practical cooperation . So that when the interests of Islam and the Muslim community and a great command of God , Imam Hasan (AS ) was forced to make peace with Mu'awiya and it all has to endure discomfort , Imam Hussain (AS ) was the brother of shared suffering , because he knew peace is the best interest of Islam and Muslims , never objected to was his brother .      Al in a day , in the presence of Imam Hasan (AS ) and Imam Hussain ( AS) and his dirty mouth gossiping towards Imam Hassan (AS ) and her father Imam (AS ) was born, Imam Hussain (AS ) stood up to speak to the Al 's throat because of the break and put Nahnjarysh to visit her , but Imam Hassan (AS ) asked him to silence , and silence , Imam Hussain (AS ) was receptive to the place of return , then Imam Hassan (AS ) Al managed to Reply , and expressed loud and making a turn pounding

Imam Hussain (AS ) in Al Because the Imam Hassan (Peace of Allah and the angels of God be upon him) were martyred , the Holy Prophet (SAW ) and Amir (AS ) and wills Hassan ibn Ali (AS ) and Imam Shia leader Imam Hussein (AS ) was transferred community leaders were commissioned by God .   Imam Hussain (AS ) saw that Al relying on the power of Islam , the Islamic State Arikeh reclining unjustly , by working hard to destroy Islam and the laws of God and of the puppet government suffered devastating destruction , but it could not hand provide power to take over his position pull down the Islamic regime , the brother of Imam Hasan (AS ) had a similar shape

Imam Hussain (AS ) knew that puts the decision makers ability to pay , before any movement is beneficial to do murder , forced Sbrra teeth and puts on the liver if given the job of making it , before attempting to plot he killed , the killing will not have any result . So Al was alive, as opposed to big brother Nyfrakht biology and science , but sometimes Environment and was denounced Al movements and actions into the future and hope that effective measures will be made ​​.       During the entire time that people Vlaythdy Al Yazid , took oath of allegiance , H. strongly Avmkhalft , and never wearing the crown he refused to pledge allegiance to Yazid did and sometimes harsh rhetoric or letter to Al told thresher for Him wrote. Mu'awiya take the oath of allegiance to Yazid , he did not insist Imam (AS ) was well until Al died ...     Hussaini uprising Al Yazid, the Islamic government to rely on the throne and called himself Amir calls for the monarchy to consolidate its unjust and oppressive , was determined to send a message to Islamic figures and celebrities and make them to allegiance to read his . For this purpose , a letter to the governor of Medina wrote that it reminded me of Husayn refused to swear allegiance to you earners and give Bqtlsh

Governing the story of Imam Hussain (AS ) was made ​​and demanded answers . Imam Hussain (AS ) said to Allah and Anna Anna and Ali al -Salam Rajvn far inasmuch as Yazid Bra Alamh ticket . Then people like Yazid ( drinking and gambling and unbelieving and impure also observed that Islam does not even appear ) sit on the bench Islamic government , the Muslim prayer calls. Because the ruler with the power of Islam and Islam Islamists kil 

Imam Hussain (AS ) knew now that the government has refused to recognize Yazid , if you stay in Medina Rsanndsh to be murder , so the Lord , moved by night and hiding from Mecca to Medina . His coming to Mecca , combined with his refusal to pledge allegiance to Yazid , the people of Mecca and Medina was published , and this news has reached Kufa .       Kofi Azamam Hussein of Mecca, to take over the affairs leader was invited to come and be unto them . Imam Muslim bin Aqeel , to Kufa, sent his cousin to move to the next reaction Kofi community see him write. Kufa was granted unprecedented warm welcome and was greeted by thousands as the deputy of Imam (AS ) swore allegiance to him , and granted a letter of Imam Hussain (AS ) mapping and immediate action of Imam (AS ) required reported

Although Imam Hussain (AS ) Kofi nice to know, and no religious faithlessness and the reign of his father and brother had seen and knew Bytshan with certain words and can not be trusted , and however , and the ultimatum executing orders, the Lord decided to move towards Kufa . Yet eight Zihijjah , ie the day when all the people were not going to leave for Mecca Mecca and whoever was left in haste wanted to reach Mecca ,he did not swear allegiance , but has turned against him   

Motion granted unto Kufa and Yazid realized he was informed of allegiance Kofi Ibn high ( the dirtiest fellow supporters of Yazid and the Umayyad was Ksyftryn ) sent to Kufa . Ibn lot of weak faith and hypocrisy and fear the people of Kufa to be intimidated and threatened them of certain scattered around the building , and the certain high Ibn fought alone with the police , and after the war valiantly and amazingly , was martyred with courage . (peace be upon him .) and Ibn high society and unbelieving Duplex and conspirator against Kufa , Imam Hussain (AS ) raised , and work to the point where some of those for the Imam (AS ) had written a letter of invitation , war- worn weapons and waited until Imam Hussain (AS ) would come and murder   

Imam Hussein ( AS), the same night that came out of Medina and Mecca stayed the entire time , and the way to Mecca to Karbala , to the testimony , sometimes pointed , sometimes explicitly , would declare that :   I mean the movement to expose the anti-Islamic regime of Yazid Vbrpadashtn enjoined and prohibited from denying a stand against injustice and oppression Vjz live support Quran and the religion of Muhammad having no purpose .   And the mission that God had entrusted to him , even killing their companions and children and his family captive is completed

The Holy Prophet ( PBUH ) and Imam (AS ) and Hassan ibn Ali (AS ) Early Muslim leaders , Imam Hussain ( AS) had said repeatedly expressed . , Even at the time of the birth of Imam Hussain (AS ) , precious Prophet Muhammad (PBUH ) martyrdom the notification was given. And Imam Hussain ( AS) martyrdom of Imam knew that would lead to the end of this trip , but he was not in command of the scripture is of God for their lives, values ​​, and from the bondage of hesitate to family afraid . She was the one who thought Bella Bliss testimony . ( Eternal peace be upon him

The news of the martyrdom of Husain (AS ) in Karbala had been so much talk in the Islamic community who were aware of the general public at the end of the trip . The patchwork of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH ) and Amir (AS ) and Imam Hasan ibn Ali (AS ) and other elders had heard of Islam . Thus movement of Imam Hussain ( AS) with the possibility of conflict and discomfort aggravated his death in the minds of the public .       Particularly along the way who said: I Fina Mhjth and Mvtna Ali Kahn Bazla countenance of Allah se Flyrhl meaning. Everyone is ready to meet the Lord in the way we pass their lives Bshtabd , come with us . Therefore, some friends came illusion that His Holiness should withdraw from the trip , unaware of the son of Ali ibn Abi Talib ( AS), Imam and successor of the prophet , and others are aware of their duties and not what God he laid the hand will not 


Barry Imam Hussain (AS ) with all these thoughts and theories that had been around to continue his way , and not the slightest effect on his decision . Eventually went , and martyrdom . Not only , but with companions and children , each with a bright star on the horizon were Muslim , and they were killed and their blood warm sand plains of Karbala Yazid tulips rain to understand the Muslim community ( the remaining beds sinful Umayya clan ) successor of the Messenger of Allah and can not separate Islam from Bani Umayya and Bani Umayya to Islam .       If you have never thought indeed heart-rending and heroic martyrdom of Husain (AS ) does not occur in the caliph Yazid joined the Prophet ( pbuh ) knew , and then news about Yazid and his lust and his Malsh heard how the Muslim were hated because Islam is the caliph Yazid his Messenger , has indeed Tnfravr ... and also clean the house of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS ) was captured last mission to get people to listen to the testimony .       And hear and read in the cities , in markets, in mosques , fetid high court Miserable son Yazid , they always and everywhere Vfryad mouth opened , and a beautiful curtain of deception and murderous ugly face and took Bani Umayya vegetarian diet Yazid proved that Vshrabkhvar Sgbaz is not never deserved the caliphate and the Arikeh that he is on his reclining position . The mission was completed utterances martyrdom of Hussein , provoked stormy lives , so that the name of Yazid was always synonymous with each mailing Dnayt cruelty and evil , because the ground was all golden dreams

Sound attitude wants to be on all aspects of this great testimony Prntyjh achieved. Early since his martyrdom , friends and Shyyansh , and all those who respect their human dignity and greatness , all the Ghltydnsh blood -year anniversary , anniversary of uprising and his martyrdom and mourning with black reverence and purity express their cry of his suffering .       Our innocent leaders , always alive to the Karbala incident and had to have special consideration . Except that they came to visit and Zaysh Mrqdsh on their feet , the mourning and grieving for the noble virtues , who hath delivered many discourses

Abvmarh said the day before the sixth Imam al -Sadiq (AS ) arrived, he said, poems Drsvgvary Hussein sing for us . He woke up crying when I started reading , I wept and I loved it so much that arose out of the house crying . After I finished the lyrics , the Imam (AS ) in virtue and reward people cry elegy and Imam Hussein (AS ) said material expression

It is also His Excellency said, weeping and impatience to any adversity is not worthy unless disaster Hussein bin Ali, the reward is precious and criminal . Fifth Imam (AS ) to Muhammad ibn Muslim said he is one of the major parties : the Shia shrine of Hussein, they tell us , because every individual believer is admitted to our prayers , pilgrimages to the tomb of Hossein necessary 

Surely Ziarat Hussain (AS ) from any act punishable Fzyltsh value is higher. Pilgrimage because this is really a great school and a great lesson to the world of faith and good works , and as if the spirit of goodness and virtue and sacrifice unto the kingdom will fly .       Although mourning and crying over the tragedy Hussain ibn Ali (AS ) , and the pilgrimage to his tomb overlooking the glorious and heroic history and Baznmayandn Krblaysh instrument is sublime values ​​and norms , but should know that not only the pilgrimage and cry and sorrows Gsarydn confine ourselves , but all these protests , religious philosophy , dedication and support given to our Terms Gvshzdmynmayd , but this is not the goal , and our great need of teaching human Hosseini port and empty heart of what is other than God , otherwise, if you just look at the outward appearance , the sacred goal of Hosseini goes into oblivion

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