Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Status Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) in the Quran

Friday, 14 March 2014، 02:35 AM

ya fatima zahra SA

Status and virtues of Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) in the Quran

Merits and virtues of the Holy Quran About Fatima Zahra (SA ) stated , can be divided into two parts : one of the virtues as chastity

bits are shared with other innocents and the special virtues of the Prophet

Since Hazrat Fatima (SA ) is one of the bits of the innocents (AS ), so that the virtue of the Holy Quran for each household ( AS ) is

presented , consisting of Hazrat Zahra ( sa ) is also . These virtues are many 

Chastity , purity , intercession , prayers , devotion , overtaking the charity , enlightenment , being a pure pedigree , being the holy

faith , and .... One of the virtues of this writing , they 're not going to count for example the case of we mentioned

Fatima endless word of God and humankind model

 God in the Qur'an , with different interpretations of the great prophets and their parents learn is that one of these interpretations

indicate Hkmthay many, " the word and the words " is. Holy Quran Jesus called the Word says: " Only God sent Jesus Christ , and His

word which He gave to Mary induced " ( Nisa / 171 ) and that 's where the angels said : "O Mary! God gives you glad tidings of a

word from him whose name is Messiah, Jesus son of Mary.  Al- Imran 

Several verses in the Holy Quran , Ahl al-Bayt (PBUH ), the "words" called , in verse 37 of Surah Baqara , which is the story of Adam 's

repentance stated that resorting to the words of Allah and the Prophet accepted his repentance : " Then Adam received words

from his Lord and He accepted his repentance , because Allah is Relenting, Merciful . " ( Al-Baqarah / 37 ) in the tradition of the

words of Muhammad , Ali , Fatima , Hasan and Husayn (AS ) has been interpreted by the Prophet his appeal to the people repented

and Allah accepted his repentance . Alkafy 

In verse 109 of Surah Kahf endless counts of the words God says: " Say: If the sea ( writing ) Compound Words of my Lord , the sea

is terminated before the Words of my Lord would be finished , though , as it ( the sea) it will help you "( Alk·hf 109 ) in verse 27 of

Surah Luqman same as it is said :" And if all the trees in the earth were pens , and the sea were ink , with seven more seas to be

added to it , these are all but the word of God does not end .  Luqman / 27

Infallible Imams (AS ) in interpreting this verse said: " We are words that virtues are not understood and the issue is not " Alahtjaj

 concluded that Hazrat Fatima (SA ) One of the words the Lord the language of the count his virtues and pen writing is helpless

There is no pen can not write all her virtues such perfection could be substantial . Plus, who can reach the heights of perfection , he

will be able to explain or in writing . However, the existence of which is exemplified appreciate what that seeps into our hearts and

we love him stay grounded in the material and spiritual life of his conduct and words were put king way to salvation and follow lady

great capture their cute slogans of feminism , liberalism and free to make another isthmus

Note that it is necessary to note here is that how can someone who can not climb the peak of his virtues , he was model ? Generally

speaking, the human being who is incapable of understanding , it is the pattern ? The answer is that yes, the pattern of spirituality

and perfection of its defects and should not be limited Kmalatsh , because if people can not reach their patterns , and moving his

other models will be stopped . Therefore, the model is the extent to which all claims against him humility . Thus, all the prophets

from their nation have been better . Prophet ( pbuh ) said : did not send any messenger of God unless his whole mind and his

intellect was superior in all Amtsh what the prophet has in mind and the soul of discretion and effort mujtaheds is superior .  Almhasn 

The human tendency of the divine pattern and it has been shown that the model was very greatness he is elusive , so in all religions,

faiths, such models have been proposed

In short , in our opinion , Muslims , prophets and imams, caliphs of God on earth and in the same kingdom, and the knowledge that

human beings except Msvmnd , but Mshaklt apparent Mvanst people ( } Brahimi 11 ) of their characteristics 's . Prophet ( PBUH) said

 "We as messengers Mamvrhstym minds of the people with whom they speak " ( Alamaly Lltvsy , pp. 481 , H- 1050) was a

companion of the poor to the rich , poor and ... protection and have captured these characteristics has brought everyone on their

capacity to take advantage. Therefore, sanctify them through their model does not contradict 

Hazrat Fatima (SA ) was no exception to this rule , with the SF Women's Worlds and endless words of Allah and your Allah and

nobody could recognize all his virtues is innocent , yet full the world model is rather, the pattern of everyone forever 

Chastity and purity of Fatima

In Shia belief , no doubt the infallibility and purity inmate ( s ) from any sin and evil do not exist. Such belief is the product of a

traditional rational arguments that totally removes any doubt in this regard . Authentic narrations in this regard is the literal and

spiritual excessive frequency . Several verses in the Holy Quran explicitly or allusions in the sense that , for example, the obligation to

obey the peremptory verses that are of the household of the need to bring in their infallibility . One of the most explicit verses that

exist in this area , Verse 33 of Surah party that is known to purify the verse : "God will only give you bits of filth and sin, to cleanse

away , and your best 

Shias agree on the meaning of the verse bits , T. fifth the Prophet ( PBUH ) , Ali , Fatima , Hasan and Husayn (AS ) and other Imams

hence , they should be included . Rvayaty commentary on this verse Khamse T. entered is too high . In some of these

storiesrepeated so that the Prophet, Ali , Fatima , Hasan and Husain ( AS) on Ksa ( cloak ) made ​​of this verse to them was revealed

Alkafy , vol 1 , p 286 ) from St. many traditions have been narrated in this commentary are provided. Hskany the evidence " Altnzyl

 More than 130 hadith has been quoted this area . Sahih Muslim , proper braking , seat Hanbal, Tabari , and the hadiths in Almnsvr

Suyuti have quoted in this context . The " rights -Haq " more than seventy known source of Sunni sources collected in the field from

thousands of Shia sources both passed. ( Encyclopaedia of the Qur'an , vol 1 , p 424 ) look of the Quran , Hazrat Fatima (SA )

Kramthay unique as well ; night of Fatima in interpreting the Euphrates Kofi ( Tfsyrfrat Alkvfy , pp. 581 , H- 581 ) Imam Sadiq (AS ) is

quoted , such secrets as stipulated in the Hadith that everyone can not understand it and discussing it requires more time alone 

Bright star in the world of women

 The other features of Fatima ( sa ) is that the SF Women 's Worlds and sayings constant ( Alkafy , vol 1 , p 458 ) is entered in this

field that reinforces the idea heavenly . Although the idea of the word " Nisa SF worlds " is not in the Qur'an , but the Qur'an with

the words " dahlias door " blazing star Alam Akhtar , the best way on the Fatima Women's Worlds SF , pointed 's . Verse 35 of Surah

Noor says: " Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth . His light is as a niche in which the LED ( light -filled ) , and the light in

the glass . The glass is like a blazing star . " Imam Sadiq (as ) in verse commentary said: " Fatima is one shining star women "  Alkafy 

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