Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Imam Hussain in Karbala

Friday, 21 February 2014، 06:19 PM

Click on the photo if you want to get the smell of Karbala
Ya Hussain

This article yametarjumiwa and

Try visiting the desert of Karbala , where there FLOOD OF BLOOD , TEARS AND RAIN TO THE KIU hearts crying CRY OF AL ' ATASH 
Spread the message of Karbala ... Spreading ISLAM RELIGION ..., TRUE RELIGION WITH PERMANENT

Imam Hussain (as ) arriving at Karbala as he guided his caravan of ladies of the Holy Prophet including relatives, friends , women and children in the desert 


Imam Hussain (as ) talking to people of Bani Asad tribe and he agreed with them on the purchase of land of Karbala

Imam Hussain ( as) was addressing the army of ' Umar ibn Sa'ad ( AL ) before the start of the War

Imam Hussain (AS ) would allow bay'a two people. Hur ( A ) offering apologies and join the camp of Imam Hussain ( as


Imam Hussain ( as) was brought dead martyr in their tents 
Battle with the enemy


Ali al - Akber (AS ), a young 18 -year-old son of Imam Hussain ( as) dies Sahihidi the hands of his father, who had been weakened


Abbas ( as) on the Euphrates Furati watching as the enemy forces ' Umar ibn Sa'ad ( AL ) they were running


Imam Hussain ( as) he elevates baby ' Ali Asgher ( A ) to host this futility and shame and no mercy , pleading for water child, where the army for brutal child lilimwua with an arrow with two lips


Imam Hussain (as ) bidding farewell to mother in a tent. Al Nida ' Al Maakhir
( Dismissal for the last time)


Imam Hussain ( a.s. ) at war

Having fallen

Imam Hussain ( as) awaiting the call of Allah ( swt )

Zuljana referring to mothers without having to go back to its owner tents .

Women saints and impeccable House Prophet ( Ahlul Bayt a.s. ) they fell at the feet of

Zuljana who returns without the Imam Hussain ( as) .


The ladies together with

Zuljana without his master , crying over the death of Imam Hussain ( as) . Women are undecided of Imam Hussain (AS ) were crying for destruction and suffering and injustice happened in the past few hours .


Torso without head

Imam Hussain ( as) What was has been left in the desert of Karbala after the War

Enemies of the army of ' Umar Saad ( AL ) to begin looting and burning tents of the house of Ahlul Bayt AS which the remaining women, children and patients only -

shame Ghariba

In the midst of fear and intimidation, the house of Imam Hussain ( as) congregating in front of the Imam who was in control of the Imamate , Al Imam

 Ali ibn Hussain Zayn al -' Abidin ( a.s

Having heavy chains around his neck and legs and while being paraded on foot

Imam ' Ali Zaynul -' Abidin (AS ) , the women , children and patients hostage wachukululiwa

Zainab ( as) and Imam ' Ali Zayn Al- ' Abidin (AS ) as the council cruel and despotic leaders

Imam ' Ali Zayn al -' Abidin (AS ) at the court of Yazid ibn Mua'awiyaah ( AL ) with the head of Imam Hussain (AS ) on display

Imam ' Ali Zayn Ali Abedin ( as) in his address to Yazid ( AL ) in his court

Ever lasting flag of Islam which were saved by the impeccable blood of the martyrs of Karbala

SABR Zaynab ( a.s
MURDER of Karbala 

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