Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Imam Hussain

This blog is about the life of the Imams AS and especially Imam Hussain AS. The those who were placed very oppressed

Biography of Hazrat Fatima Zahra SA

Saturday, 8 March 2014، 02:16 PM

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ya zahra

Biography of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (SA) 

Fatima (PBUH) and the Muslims leading lady of the world's most supreme of all ages and ages. This opinion is based on the traditions of the Prophet themes. This clan traditions, although the words are different, but have an idea. In one speech (which the consensus of Muslims, both Shia and Sunni), Prophet Muhammad (SAW PBUH & HP) has said: "Fatima server is the world's women." But the excellence of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) is not only limited to the period of life at all ages is going great. So the Prophet (SAW PBUH & HP), in other words, explicitly Fatima (PBUH), the server first and last mentioned are women. But another point in the prophetic hadith and hadith like this is to get is that if Fatima (PBUH) is the greatest lady in the world among women, however, who has no authority higher than him, after the knowledge of life and all moments of his life, are of tremendous value. The person with care and deliberation that can be attained highest spiritual ranks.noted that deep place emphasis on holiness in the sight of God. These verses relying on Divine Grace, which will be discussed in other articles. In this section we briefly and brevity, we will study the character and honorable life.

Name, title, nickname

 Holy Name of Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) and his nicknames for various attributes such as Zahra, S., T., The Guinea, B., R., M, is also mentioned.

Fatima, the word means because this term is cut off and isolated in accordance with the traditions of the Prophet, that the followers of Fatima (PBUH) because he Hellfire cut, removed and aloof.

Zahra means the radiant and the sixth Imam, Imam Sadiq (AS) has narrated that: "the daughter of the Prophet at his altar stand (he was praying), a light shone from the sky, from the earth to shine as stars. "

S. means a person who has nothing but the truth, he will not be issued. T. means clean and neat, Mobarake means the good and blessing, Batool means to cut away from the impurity, Razia means she's happy to divine destiny and divine satisfaction. (1)

Knyhhay Fatima (PBUH) also include M. Hussain, M. Hasan, M. alaeme, but Blues and ...

Blues is the meaning of my parents and Prophet Muhammad (SAW PBUH & HP) daughter Mystvd However, it is the story of Fatima (PBUH) was a messenger of God is like a mother to.In war, the father of Fatima's injuries would heal and all other life Mvaqf Prophet.

Mother and Father

As we know, Father Fatima (PBUH) Muhammad ibn Abdullah (SAW PBUH & HP) is his Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets of God and Man is a creature of God. His Holiness Khvyld Mother Khadijah, the great and noble women of Quraysh. She is the first woman who converted to Islam after accepting Islam, all his wealth was spent in the service of Islam and Muslims. Ignorance and Khadija during the era before the advent of Islam was also known for her chastity, to the point where he T. (clean) and he was referred to the great women called Quraysh.


 Fatima (PBUH) in the fifth year of the Prophet (2) and day 20 Jumada II, was born in Mecca. Panhad the world, the power of God spoke and said, "I testify that Allah, not God's prophet and messenger of God is my father and my husband and children Avsya’ server (two children) are descended from the server." Most commentators such as Shia and Sunni some great commentator Fakhr al-Razi, the opening verse of the Surah Kausar Fatima (PBUH) and he will not have to adapt to survive and proliferate, causing seed development and the generation of the Prophet have mentioned. It is worth noting that the verse at the end of this chapter is also a good indication, so the claim that God spoke to the Prophet and said, Behold, the generation of thine enemy and Abtr.

Ethics Makarem

 Throughout the life of S. T. (PBUH), full of Ethics Makarem behavior and human samples. We would like the opportunity to observe briefly mention only three. But again, we emphasize that these cases are only a small part of his Moral Minds.

1 - Jabir bin Abdullah Ansari, Shaby Prophet (PBUH & HP) is a real man of Arab immigrants were poor person, the evening prayer of the Prophet (SAW PBUH & HP) to seek help and donated. He said that I have nothing. Then take him to the house of Fatima (PBUH) is the Messenger of Allah was in the mosque and nearby homes, their tips. The man with the ear (Shaby and Muezzin the Holy Prophet) to the house of Fatima (PBUH) came and said hello and then within the household of the Prophet to be present. Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) was three days though his father and his wife finally got hungry, the poor are aware of the necklace, the son Hamza, daughter of his uncle, he was gifted with great was considered a valuable memento of the neck opening and the Arabs, saying: Take and sell it, hoping that it's better than your God will. Arabs took the necklace and went to the Prophet (SAW PBUH & HP) returned biography said. Prophet (PBUH & HP) to hear the story, and was moved to tears from the eyes of the Arabs are blessed and prayed he collapsed. Ammar Yasir (the Companions of the Prophet) stood up and was allowed to give them food, clothes, ink, and travel expenses to the Arabs, it bought a necklace from her. Prophet Muhammad (SAW PBUH & HP) Arabs asked: Are you satisfied? Instead, he said, embarrassed and thanked. Amar necklace wrapped it in cloth Yamani and fragrant with the Prophet gave his slave. Servant to the Prophet (PBUH & HP) was opened and flow. The Prophet Muhammad (SAW PBUH & HP) Ghulam necklace to Fatima (PBUH) gave. G. S. Athar came home. Zahra (PBUH) took the necklace and the servant of God to be released.

At this time the servant said, smiling. When asked why, he said it was a necklace with a blessing, and feed hungry Brhnhay covered, the owner Pyadhay needless ink and poor free and slave, and eventually went back to his owner.

2 - The Prophet (PBUH & HP) on the night of his daughter bought a new shirt wedlock. Fatima (PBUH) also had Vslhdary shirt. Beggar appeared at the door and told my family I prophesy worn shirt. Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) asked the beggar to give him the shirt Vslhdar wishes to recall the verse "Never miss a good Nmyyabyd unless you can spend what you like," he recalled. At this point, Fatemeh (PBUH) the new shirt will spend in Allah's way.

3 - Imam Hassan expressed in worship, Fatemeh (PBUH), his interest in people and their own prior to having the highest need for mystery and the Lord are described "My Fateme I saw that the night plurals morning worship at the altar itself and stood up, looked steadily bowing and prostration., and I prayed that the believing men and women, and calls them names so they would pray for himself but did not pray for. And, I told him: of mother, because for her, as for the non-praying seemed, did not you pray? Fatima (PBUH) said: O my son! neighbors first and then the house. "

Marriage and children of the Prophet

 S. K. had many suitors. It is narrated that some of her male companions were celebrities. Prophet (PBUH & HP) said that they held the hand of God at Fatima. So what Anas bin Malik has narrated, others immigrants from celebrities to marry Fatima (PBUH) and the Prophet (PBUH & HP) and they said they are ready for this match, we will pay a heavy stamp .Fatima and Fatima to Ali Says. " Imam Ali (PBUH) as the suitors Fatima (PBUH) and the Holy Prophet according to what was mentioned, the union agreed to the divine. In many traditions have been narrated that the Prophet (SAW PBUH & HP) said: If Ali was Fatima was unique. Thus the spousal arrangements were provided. Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) with a little compassion (unlike the ignorant customs seal was large) house of Imam Ali (PBUH) will walk. (3) blessed fruit of this marriage, five children, namely, Hassan, Hussein, Zainab, Umm Kalthoum, M. (during the aftermath of the Prophet (PBUH & HP) was aborted), respectively. Imam Hassan and Imam Hussain (AS Lyhma) imams are 12 persons who have been trained in the lap of the mother and nine other Imams (other than Imam Ali (pbuh) and Imam Hassan (PBUH)) descendant of Imam Hussein (PBUH ) are thus through Fatimah (PBUH), the Prophet (PBUH & HP) and are attributed to him are the seed. (4) and the Imams refer Tahryn (other than Aamir Believers (PBUH)) to Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) and my "alaeme" (Mother of Imams) say.

Zainab (PBUH) the eldest daughter Fatima (PBUH) is considered, pious and virtuous lady and the world. He Ashura event, and move along Imam Hussein (PBUH), it's so good to be explained Husseini revolts that shook the foundations of the Umayyad rule was unfaithful and voice protest against oppression and tyranny of Yazid was repeatedly raised. Far-reaching acts of cruelty against him was organized.He had Robubi sacred nature.

Fatima (PBUH) at home

 Fatima (PBUH) by virtue of it all, a good wife to be faithful. As far as the story when Imam Ali (PBUH) Fatima (PBUH) looked, was removed grief. Fatima (PBUH) never even think about what he thought of Imam Ali (PBUH) is not able to provide them, he did not ask.His achievements on the count or when he says: "I swear by God that his anger did not live up to when it was not like I had relegated him to do, he did not resent me, and they did not disobey."

Authority of Hazrat Zahra (PBUH) and his scientific status

 Fatima (PBUH) Imam of the Shiites, though, but her status in the sight of God among Muslims, especially Shiites, no less than other Imams, but his counterpart, Amir al and greater dignity than other Tahryn Imams (PBUH) is.

If scientific authority Fatima (PBUH) to understand and explore its ears, is worthy of his speech from the pulpit Fdkyh look at what the word most steadfast nature of the unity of the Holy Robubi the current language, or when knowledge and insight reveal itself to the prophet or the room where the sermon, the imam gives a brief description. Other evidence by which we can sublimity corner of Fatima (PBUH) to understand, see, or even men and women in matters of religion and belief in the great city, which is quoted on the various passages. The deep jurisprudential arguments Fatima (PBUH) during the Fadak (some of which will be mentioned below), clearly surrounded Fatima (PBUH) throughout the Holy Quran and Islamic Religious laws are implicated.


 Expressed in E. Fatima (PBUH) and his immunity not only from sins and mistakes but mistakes and errors, we needless to argue that the verse of purification.

F. grandeur of the language of Prophet (PBUH & HP)

 Prophet Muhammad (SAW PBUH & HP), repeatedly Fatima (PBUH) praised and celebrated him. In many cases Myfrmvd: "His father Fdaysh Wind" and then bent to kiss her hand. During a visit to the last person who would say goodbye, Fatima (PBUH) and his return to the first place that was his home.

Public traditionists of every religion and every belief and Muslims, have quoted the words of the Prophet Muhammad Myfrmvd: "Fatima is part of me, whoever he is Byazard hurt me." On the other hand, Holy Prophet (PBUH & HP) from any source of discussion that it is a sensual mood, without knowledge and explicitly stated that the Prophet said, speaking revelation. So that's all the celebration and veneration of Fatima (PBUH), the reason behind the emotional ties between parent and child. The prophet (SAW PBUH & HP) also refers to this Myfrmvd. Sometimes the answer gadfly, speaking Mygshvd that God has commanded me to do this or Myfrmvd: "I'll smell the scent of Paradise from him."

Or says those who offend God and his prophet, to whom God in His mercy around the world picks and prepares for them a humiliating punishment. After Nikki is determined to satisfy the R and F (PBUH), R and satisfy the wrath of God, and he also makes the wrath of God. Specifically, he embodies R. and divine wrath. Why not be assumed that the person was doing and thereby Fatima (PBUH) Byazard and cause irritation of the Prophet (PBUH & HP) and because of divine punishment is death, but God is satisfied that the person He is to be pleased and satisfied at the same time, his punishment will be heavy.

Even the slightest sensual desires or emotional motivation is not effective.

Fatima (PBUH) The Prophet

 With the demise of the Holy Prophet (SAW PBUH & HP), Fatima (PBUH) was overwhelmed with grief and mourning. On the one hand, not only his father, but the last messenger of God and His creation Mmtaztryn, the servants of the Lord, was packed. He found that his greatest moral Palmer collects and describing the huge mood, was praised by God. He also revealed that his death was a package of legislation, on the other hand his executor rights had been usurped. Thus religion from its proper channel, was diverted on. Fatima (PBUH) nor his grief in the field gained an understatement. When the tomb of Prophet (PBUH & HP) was present and looked to mourn the martyrs of Uhud and the grave of Hamza, the uncle of the prophet, sometimes Torbate Brmygzyd and pain in his heart he was told. Even when the women of Medina because of the grief he asked, answer them melancholy expressly stated that the Messenger of Allah, and grieve the loss of his executor the right to usurp.

Still nothing from the death of Prophet (PBUH & HP) had passed an order that the Prophet (PBUH & HP) and conveyed to him the day chosen by divine decree, based on the installation of Imam Ali (PBUH)She had were collected. When Abu Bakr - Selected Sqyfh - only Sqyfh was chosen by the audience, the community became aware of their lack of allegiance to him, 'Umar saw the house of Fatima (PBUH) said to Imam Ali (PBUH) and others forcibly To pay homage to this mosque. Omar also some with some fire and walked home, Fatemeh (PBUH) was. When the house was ready, Fatemeh (PBUH) came back and inquired about their presence. Present in the life of Imam Ali (PBUH) and others at the mosque to swear allegiance to Abu Bakr as possible. Fatima (PBUH) would prohibit them and punish them in place. As a result, some of Hmrahyan him were dispersed. But when he learned that the protesters did not leave, threatened the Imam Ali (PBUH) and others allegiance not to leave the house, the house will take Ahlsh fire. And while he knew Hazrat Fatima (PBUH) is present in the home. But the emir of the believers, Fatima and their children were in the house.


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